Falling asleep to sirens

When I first moved to Silver Spring, I remember hearing sirens and learning how to fall asleep to them.

Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars.

It was a challenge at first to fall asleep with sirens going off in the background.

Sleeping to sirens.

Eventually, I got used it. It just another noise.

Back then, when I heard sirens, I always thought something wrong was happening.

Sirens were a sign of trouble.

Fast forward three years later and I’m still falling asleep to sirens. Sometimes I wake up to them. But still most nights, I fall asleep listening to glaring sirens. They always start out strong before they fades into the distance.

But over the years something’s changed. I don’t see sirens as signs of trouble anymore.

They’re signs of hope. Signs of faith.

Sleeping to sirens means as I lay my head down to sleep, someone is out there keeping hope alive.

Falling asleep to sirens means falling asleep to the sound of someone working to save a life. Stop trouble before it gets worse. Or provide comfort to a troubling situation.

Yes, sleeping to sirens is not a bad thing at all. It’s quite the opposite.

Sleeping to sirens puts me at ease. Knowing that someone is out there. Keeping hope alive. Stopping trouble. Comforting the troubled.

Falling asleep to sirens.

Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars.

Until next time,



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