Falling asleep to sirens

When I first moved to Silver Spring, I remember hearing sirens and learning how to fall asleep to them. Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars. It was a challenge at first to fall asleep with sirens going off in the background. Sleeping to sirens. Eventually, I got used it. It just another noise. Back then, when … Continue reading

have you danced today?

have you danced today?

It’s a question I’m starting to ask myself everyday – have I danced today? I’m not talking about warming up and stretching or breaking out your pointe or tap shoes. I’m talking about that solo dance party you have while you’re getting ready for your day or as you fix your favorite meal of the … Continue reading

when life happens….

Man, it’s been awhile since I was here. I’ve definitely let this aspect of my life go because other parts of life were happening. And happening so fast. I started a new job, moved to a new city nearly seven months ago. Is that really possible? Did time fly by that fast? When I checked … Continue reading