13 months and counting…

13 months…that’s how long I’ve kind of been in the DMV.

Back in June 2011, I made more first semi move to DC to start as an intern with NPR and more than a year later, I’m still here.

A year ago, you could have asked me if staying in DC was what I wanted and I would have said yes, how I was going to do it was still a mystery.

But I made it happen. It was definitely not in the time frame or order of events that I expected but that’s what makes it life, right? If it’s too planned than it’s not real. Life is constantly changing and our paths are always moving in directions that we don’t plan but…it’s all part of the bigger picture!

I’m seeing that now! A year ago, I was doing what I needed to do to welcome opportunity and when it came knocking, I was able to jump!

My Dad says it’s better to be prepared and have no opportunity than to have opportunity at your finger tips but not prepared to take it!

Now 12 months from now where will I be? That’s a question I can’t answer but I know the man upstairs has a plan so I’m not worried — just preparing for my next opportunity!

Until next time,


And the summer that started it all! Summer 2010 was my first time interning and living in DC — little did I know it would become a special place and my home after graduation!



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