Giving thanks

Every Thanksgiving, I find myself being thankful for the some of the same things and then a few things that might have been so obvious.

This year, I’m truly thankful for family, friends and their support. There’s nothing more trying and stressful than graduating, interning trying to get a job, working temporarily, being fun-employed, getting a job and then finding a place to live.

These past six months have been a roller coaster of events, emotions and ups and downs but no matter what was happening, I had my support system and for that, I’m truly thankful.

And this is not to say that in past year, my family and friends hadn’t been supportive, it’s just when your whole life is changing and you really don’t know what is happening, that’s when you really appreciate your support. They were by my side when I graduated and by my side when I was fun-employed and they’re still standing by my side as I start my first job.

Yes, this year is definitely a year to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Until next time,



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