Yesterday was Christmas, NYE is this weekend, where did 2011 go?

As I was scanning my twitter feed, I noticed that everyone has started their “best of” or “top 10” lists to commemorate the year 2011 and with this notice, it hit me again that 2011 is basically over.

But the real question is, where did it go?

This year has truly flown by. It feels like yesterday I was gearing up for 2011’s arrival with a fun filled trip to DC to bring in the new year with my fellow UNC seniors and organizing my last MLK banquet. Then it feels like I just like the other day when I went to Miami for my last college spring break. And didn’t I just finish planning CABJ’s 20th anniversary.

And didn’t I just graduate? Like this can’t be true — I didn’t just graduate from college with a DEGREE six months ago? Oh this is so unreal  — well, actually that’s real because the my diploma is chilling at home just waiting to be framed lol. But you get my drift? It’s weird thinking about all the things you’ve done, experienced, accomplished, changed, altered, whatever in your life over the course of one year. And let me tell you, 2011 was quite a year — so many things happened that changed my life!

But with all the changes that happened in 2011, I can’t wait to see how those changes, experiences and moments will effect and change my life in 2012. With so many big things that happened toward the end of 2011 like landing my first job. moving into my own place and taking a serious look at my nutrition, I can’t wait to see how those things in particular will evolve in the new year!

So I encourage everyone to enjoy the rest of 2011 because we only have a week left before it’s gone! 2012 get ready — it’s the year of progress!

Until next time,



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