2013…the Year of Challenges!

2013 is here.

New year. New opportunities. New hopes. New dreams. And for me, New challenges…well, personal challenges.

This year, I’m claiming as the year of personal challenges just like my 25 days of veggies challenge. I was really proud of myself for holding strong for those 25 days and I think it’s something I’ll start doing on a monthly basis with 30 day challenges. Of course, I will be posting them here and we’ll see how it goes!

2013 is all about change and it’s a new year to start things fresh! So use these next 365 days wisely and be better you in 2013!

Until next time,



One thought on “2013…the Year of Challenges!

  1. Great news about the veggie fast. I too stated the Daniel Fast on 12/30/12, which is all fruits, veggies and nuts. Thus far, I have lost 14 lbs. Keep up the good work! We Garriss girls can do it! Your loving Aunt Theodora

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